How do I know I’m doing enough work?

You’ve started your PhD, reading papers, writing your literature review, reading papers, designing your first experiment, oh and did I mention reading more papers.

You’ve amassed a pile of journal articles, scientific papers and book chapters either piling high on your desk and the floor around you, or metaphorically piling around you, a.k.a. on your computer. So probably safe to say you’re doing enough reading.

How do you pluck out that all-too golden information and enter that into your all-too empty word document? It all seems so relevant.

Write a sentence. Any sentence.

Doesn’t have to be a good one. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It can be as broad as ‘plants are cool, we need plants’. Obviously you’re never going to submit a paper with that introduction, but it gets the writing juices flowing, it makes you think – why are plants cool, why do we need plants…etc. Whatever your story or argument, set it out in one simple sentence and go from there.

Lives are already complicated enough without the added of flouncy words and highly convoluted sentences.




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